Protein Bars

Rite Bite Protein Bars are formulated by nutrition expert to give an edge to perform at your best. Protein helps rebuild muscles tissues that are stressed during the intense exercises

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Herbal protein bars

Ritebite Herbal Protein Bars contain blend of nutrition and nature. These bars contain precious herbs like Green Tea, Passion Flower, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Amla and many more which are believed to be highly beneficial to the body and mind.

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Healthy Snacking Bars

Ritebite Nutrition bars provide a healthy snacking option for your hunger between the meals, a tasty 5 pm snack. Wherever you miss a staple or healthy breakfast, Rite Bite bars can provide you with sufficient nutrition required to energize your day.

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Protein Snacks

RiteBite Max Protein Snacks is an extruded non-fried and non-baked (Hot Air Puffed), a great tasting, multigrain, high protein savoury snack. It has 3x more protein than Corn Chips ( Nachos ) & 3x less fat than fried namkeen.

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