• Why choose RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars to fulfill your wellness needs?

In the age of Hi-technology and scientific developments, Mother Nature still remains to be the best healer. At RiteBite, we have re-introduced these herbs with the perfect modern blend so that the urban world can enjoy the benefits of nature’s gifts in the way they like. After meticulous researches on various valuable herbs we have combined them into bar formulations that will enrich their overall power and effectiveness. These bars carry carefully blended combination of herbs that cater to different wellness needs;
Eazy Slim- Weight Management
Eazy Calm- Stress & Weight Management
Eazy Immune- Immunity & Weight Management.

  • Who can consume these bars?

RiteBite Eazy herbal bars are suitable for all age groups of any gender. However these bars are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, or for those taking anticoagulant, antiplatelet or blood pressure medication.

  • How many bars can a person consume in a day?

A person can consume 1-2 RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars on daily basis. This recommendation is based on 5-6 meal plan a day.

  • What is the best time to consume these bars?

Expert’s advice that for a balanced diet every individual should consume 5-6 small meals each day. Your probability of eating unhealthy junk food is highest during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon hunger. This is the perfect time to consume Eazy bars. Eazy Bars fill your stomach till your next meal and the nutrients help fulfill your body’s dietary needs as well.

  • How do these bars work?

RiteBite Herbal Bars are made with unique combinations of time-tested herbs which are popular for their good effects on various parts of the body. Each bar is a rich source of various elements that the body needs for better functioning. Regular consumption of these bars can help refine and maintain the different well-being needs like weight management, stress management and improvement of body immunity.

  • Do these bars have any side effects on the body?

RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars are made from natural ingredients and do not have any side effects on the body. The herbs used in these bars have been used since age old times by people around the world for natural cure.

  • What is the flavor of Naturell Eazy Herbal bars?

Eazy Slim and Eazy Calm comprise of sugar free dark chocolate giving them a delicious chocolaty flavor. Eazy immune contains herbs like Lemon balm and Ginger giving it a tangy taste of honey lemon. All the variants are available as single bars and in packs of 6. There is a special assorted pack of 6 which gives you a combination of all the variants.

  • Are these bars bitter in taste due to presence of herbs?

No, these bars have been created keeping in mind the taste preferences of the consumers. The bars are coated in delicious flavors so that you can consume them regularly. Eazy Slim and Eazy Calm comprise of sugar free dark chocolate giving them a delicious chocolaty flavor. Eazy immune contains herbs like Lemon balm and Ginger giving it a tangy taste of honey lemon.

  • Who should consume Eazy Slim bar and why?

In the recent times the rate of obesity has risen globally. It has become a cause of worry due to the various diseases and health hazards it leads to. People are giving more importance to weight management than ever before to overcome obesity and its effects. Specialized for weight management Eazy Slim bar provides balanced nutrition with the combination of rich herbs that are proven to show wonders on human body and metabolic levels. It is a good option for people looking to lose or manage weight.

  • Who should consume Eazy Calm bar and why?

Several reasons can cause health issues but one common factor that instigates these issues to become grave diseases is stress. Human brain is the foundation of the body’s functions. Rising stress levels can leave extremely harmful effects on the brain. Eazy Calm is a nutritionally balanced bar, fortified with powerful stress relieving herbs that are known to relax the mind and manage a proportionate balance between the brain and body. It is best suitable for people with hectic lifestyles and high stress levels.

  • Who should consume Eazy Immune bar and why?

Eazy Immune is a combination of traditional herbs, rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that can give a boost to the system making it ready to combat everyday challenges. Body immunity plays a key role in making the body resistant against various factors bad for health. Eazy immune is a balanced nutrition bar which can be consumed by everybody who wishes for a healthier life specially for people with low resistance power.

  • Can diabetics consume these bars?

Yes, Eazy Slim and Eazy Calm bars are diabetic friendly. Since they are sugarfree and have low glycemic index they can be consumed by diabetic patients on regular basis.

  • How do these bars have Low Glycemic index?

RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars are made with a combination of various ingredients. It has natural Low Glycemic ingredients like FOS (Fiber- Fructooligosaccharide), Soy Nuggets, dark sugarfree chocolate, Guar Gum, and Oats. These ingredients contribute as the main ingredients making it an overall Low Glycemic product.

  • Can somebody who does not want to lose weight also consume these bars?

Yes, these bars are made with healthy ingredients, they are nutritionally balanced and help you manage your current weight.

  • When can I have RiteBite Bars?

RiteBite Nutrition Bars are formulated in such a way that they fit into your busy lifestyle. You can have them anytime and anywhere. It’s a healthy nutritious option over junk food which is convenient to carry in your purse, car, bag pack or tiffin and hereby boosting up your energy throughout the day.

  • How are RiteBite Bars different from other snacks?

RiteBite Nutrition Bars are healthy snacking option that are loaded with energy, protein, vitamins, mineral and essential nutrients. These bars provide nutritional benefits for all, such as Sugarless bar is beneficial for diabetics and weight watchers; Women-Honey and Nut Bar for maintaining calcium and iron requirement of a women and Max Protein Bar as a meal replacement. Thus RiteBite offers a wide range of nutrition bars proving it to be healthy option over junk food so as to keep up energy levels.

  • Which RiteBite Bar is recommended for weight loss?

To lose weight effectively, you need to burn more calories than you consume.  RiteBite Bars with just 99 calories are an ideal snack as it satisfies your craving. They can also be consumed as in-between meal filler.

  • How beneficial are RiteBite Nutrition Bars for children?

RiteBite Nutrition Bar especially merryberry, chocodelite, Krunch, Sports bar is uniquely formulated for the nutritional needs of growing and active kids. It provides essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, which supports growing bones and teeth. Children love the crispy, chewy texture covered in a chocolate coating.

  • Does RiteBite Bars require refrigeration?

Refrigeration is not required for RiteBite Bars. It is recommended to be stored in a cool dry place and under hygienic conditions. The shelf life of these bars is 9 months.


  • How many bars can be recommended for an adult?

Any food product should be consumed in moderation. There is no specified limit, we suggest that an adult can consume 2–3 RiteBite Bars per day.To all of you.


  • Are these bars vegetarian?

All ingredients used in our RiteBite Bars are from 100% veg source.



  • What are the benefits of proteins?

Protein is important nutrients for building muscles. Protein helps rebuild muscle tissues that are stressed during the intense exercise. Max Protein contains a blend of protein from whey, soy and caseinate which gives sustained benefits. In addition to protein, this blend gives immune stimulating property of whey, cholesterol-reducing property of soy & anti-catabolic benefit of casein.


  • How much protein do I need?

The recommended dietary allowance of proteins for an average adult is 1gm/kg of body weight. Example a person weighing 60kg will need 60gm of protein per day.

  • How much protein will I get from Max Protein Bar?

To get 20g of protein you need to consume half liter of Milk or 3 Eggs or 3 cups of Dal (Lentil). The same amount of protein (20g) you can get just by consuming a single Max Protein Bar.

  • What is the source of protein in this Bar?

Max Protein contains a bend of proteins from soy, whey and caseinate which gives sustained benefits. In addition to protein, this blend gives immune-stimulating property of whey, cholesterol-reducing property of soy & anti-catabolic benefit of casein.

  • How beneficial is Max Protein Bar as a meal replacement?

Max Protein is a blend of 20gms protein, 5 gm fiber, 21 vitamins and mineral and essential nutrients for a perfect meal replacement. It is an energy packed protein bar which fits into your busy lifestyle proving it to be a healthy nutrition option over junk food.
Choose Max Protein over Routine: 

 Food Product

Approx. Total Wt.(g)






 Max Protein Choco Slim







 Max Protein Choco Fudge







 Max Protein Honey Lemon







 Omlette (2 eggs )+ 2 Slices Brown Bread







 Oatmeal Porridge with Milk (1 Bowl)







 Idli (2) = Sambar(1 Bowl) + Chutney 
  (2 tbsp)







 Sandwich (1)







 Aloo Paratha (2)







 Rice - 2 Bowls + Dal (1 Cup)







 Roti (2) + Veg (1 Cup)







Source: Values taken US =FDA \ NIN and ICMR

  • What is the source of fiber in this bar?

Max Protein contains a blend of Oats, FOS & Wheat Fiber which provides both soluble and insoluble fibers. Fiber helps reduce cholesterol and acts like a broom in cleansing the entire digestive system. Max Protein Bar contains 5g fiber which is equal to more than one serving of oatmeal.

  • When should I consume Max Protein Bar?

Post exercise meal plays an important role in regaining your energy levels, recovering and rebuilding your muscles. Max Protein helps rebuilding muscle tissues that are stressed during the intense exercises. If Max Protein Bar is consumed within 30 minutes post exercise, it strengthens your muscle mass enhancing the benefit of your workout.

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